All you need is love. Is it?

Today we went to a friend’s wedding. There’s a photo booth section (as they almost always do now) and we went there to get ours. – Speaking of wedding photo booth, due to the growing use of photo booth as wedding souvenirs and the fact that we’re both in the common age range of people getting married, we’ve gathered quite an amount of pictures from various weddings. Thinking about making something out of those pictures that I could put on the wall. Collage perhaps? Any ideas? –

They provided various props for us to use and somehow I ended up with an “all you need is love” sign. He chose “I stole her (insert heart symbol)”. Yes, don’t laugh please.

The last two days we’ve been going through some quarrel. It didn’t take up the whole two days, that would be disastrous. But it did occurred several times during the span of 48 hours. We do have those days occasionally, when everything seems wrong and the mood is somewhere below the horizon.

So when I took a snapshot of today’s photo booth picture – with me waving “all you need is love” in front of me – and sent it to the cloud for people to see, I thought about the caption, and wrote “.. and good communication, honesty, perseverance, and the list goes on. (grinning face emoji)”.

Because I think, it does take more than love.

PS: an afternoon walk closed our weekend perfectly :)


Quotes // Good Omens

Currently reading this book by Neil Gaiman. Newt (one of the characters in his book, a human) encountered a group of aliens and he got into a conversation with them. One of the aliens said,

“You do know you could find yourself charged with being a dominant species while under the influence of impulse-driven consumerism, don’t you?”

New Year 2014

I’m joining the wave of new year resolutions and decided to revive this blog (yeay?). Right after it was decided, I went to the (usual) turmoil of overthinking what should I write, will people find it interesting, should I stick to only one theme of writing so the content would be consistent, and so on.

No, not one solid conclusion came out of it. Haha.

Someone told me to just do what I wanna do (to write again on this tiny speck of space of mine on the internet) and write what I feel like writing.

Ok, then! Wish me luck.

7 Years

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Wow. Can’t believe it’s been 7 years already.

I like how you referred our relationship as friendship.. :)




Best Sight of The Day

Today I went book shopping with my dad, my brother, and him. Actually he waited at a coffee shop in front of the bookstore while I shopped with my dad and my brother. So after we finished buying books, we went to the coffee shop and meet up with him. We were all sitting, surrounding this small table, then I decided to buy a cup of coffee. So here’s the best sight:

I was standing in front of the coffee shop counter, waiting for my coffee. Then I glanced at our table, a bit far from the counter. There it was, the three of them, my dad, my brother, and him talking to each other. They were probably discussing something, I don’t know what it is, they were smiling, one of them looked like explaining something, they were laughing a bit. That was the best sight of the day for me today.

I can’t exactly explain what it is that made that scene the best sight of the day for me. It just looked so, nice. The three of them are all one of my favorite guys in the world (is it too much? haha). So, looking at the three of them, sitting there together, talking, being comfortable with each others. It was just, nice. :)


Loneliness Relativity

I was home alone watching some tv serials on a Saturday afternoon. I sent him a text, “I’m home alone right now..”

Then, he replied my text from Padang, saying “Well, I’m currently at a wedding party surrounded by people, but I’m feeling lonely..”

So I said to him, “I guess we’re both all alone somehow..”

Sometimes we feel lonely because we are physically all alone at that moment. Other times we are in a crowd, yet we still feel the loneliness. It could be because we dont know anybody in the crowd, or because we know them but we don’t feel comfortable around those people, or maybe it’s simply because we just wish someone else was there with us.


Photo by Rodrigo Larrabure